A new law gives undocumented Hindus, Buddhists, Christian, and other religious minorities a pathway to citizenship, but excludes Muslims.
Kerala's Sabarimala Temple will be open to all women, regardless of whether they might be on their period.
The law has been used to "intimidate, harass, blackmail" queer people in the past.
"Equality demands that the sexual orientation of each individual in society must be protected on an even platform.”
The freedom enabled by the Internet to express one's own ideas, one's opinion of another's idea, to advocate or to disassociate with the collective views of other speakers, to associate locally and globally is unprecedented in history. This precious Internet freedom is, however, volatile around the world.
When, in a decade or two from now, people look back at which side of history you stood on, and for how long, will you have a good enough answer?
While the Supreme Court heard and rejected the industry's arguments on two occasions, many of the same claims are being advanced once more in an effort to shape the Indian government's response to the court's decision.