supreme court of the united states

The Supreme Court is considering three cases that look at whether LGBTQ employees are protected under federal civil rights law.
The T-shirts bear the slogan “Back-to-Back Supreme Court Champs” and feature the images of Trump and McConnell in silhouette.
John Gore faces accusations of lying about why a citizenship question was added to the census. A person familiar said his departure was unrelated.
So far, not a single question has been posed about gerrymandering or other key voting rights issues.
"The last time that people thought Roe was in this kind of jeopardy was the early 1990s."
Attendees at Monday's casket-viewing praised the late Supreme Court justice as a "brilliant man" who was devoted to the rule of law.
Kagan dissented strongly in the June 27 case and said Thursday she was writing for the future.
Stevens, who died Tuesday, was unusually candid about political issues after he retired from the Supreme Court.
"You always say you're gonna do it but you never do," she texted her boyfriend before his suicide. "I just want to make sure tonight is the real thing."
The administration is pressing ahead with its bid for a citizenship question on the census, despite a Supreme Court defeat.
The Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that flag-burning is "symbolic speech" protected by the Constitution.
The Trump administration has until Friday to show why there should be a question about citizenship on the 2020 census.
Politicians, business leaders and civil rights groups are rejecting the Trump administration stance that you can fire people for their sexual orientation.
The administration said the census forms have already gone to the printer without the addition of a citizenship question.
Bill Baroni, an ex-Chris Christie ally convicted in the Bridgegate scandal, is was ordered to be freed from prison pending an appeal before the high court.
The chief justice suggested that voters could turn to politicians, who benefit from gerrymandering, to end the practice.
Conservative justices ruled 5-4 that extreme partisan gerrymandering is fine. Guess which party benefits the most?
Sen. Elizabeth Warren called the gerrymandering decision an "abomination."
In a blistering dissent read from the bench, the Supreme Court justice said extreme gerrymandering could render elections "meaningless."
The ruling opens the door for lawmakers to draw districts that greatly benefit their party.