Although I often disagree with Justice Scalia, and although I emphatically disagree with him about the constitutionality of affirmative action, the outrage and condemnation sparked by this comment is completely unwarranted.
Tracy Hollister. The line in front of the Supreme Court was a reunion for many people there. Perrin and Hewett were catching
National Labor Relations Board v. Noel Canning was the Supreme Court's first oral argument of 2014. Perhaps the Justices did not have quite long enough of a holiday recess to build up the energy reserves necessary to consider this important and convoluted case.
The Supreme Court in hearing argument in the same-sex marriage cases posed two questions that I doubt were ever asked before.
Despite having strong political and religious feelings about the issue, how are opponents "harmed" by same-sex couples getting married -- and having their relationship recognized by the law?
Host George Stephanopoulos asked Coulter to weigh in on the oral arguments the Supreme Court heard against the individual
Lamb appealed to the public's best interest and wrote that the Court's "end of the week" audiocast would be understandably