DRUG POLICY: In a way, debate topics are determined as much by the candidates who aren’t invited to the debate as by those
Obama is known to have had three personal interviews with likely nominees, including Solicitor General Elena Kagan on Friday
Perhaps more important to the current climate, the letters provide clues as to what kind of Justice Kagan would be: more
The aggressive pushback by the White House against speculation that potential Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is a lesbian
The remarks, four years later, have hit the central nerve of the conservative psyche. Figures within and outside the GOP
A top aide to Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy told fellow Democrats on Friday to get ready for President Obama's
"Obviously, we want to move this process along in a timely fashion so that the next Justice can take over on the Court the
Get HuffPost Politics On Facebook and Twitter! Talk of a filibuster was not directly addressed or, for that matter, ruled