supreme court poll

So far, most people don't think the Supreme Court vacancy is a major issue for 2016.
And, with the exception of perceptions as to which way the court leans, the two parties are less divided than usual in their
Americans also supported a mandatory retirement age for Supreme Court justices, by a margin of 51 percent to 32 percent. Republicans
As with many other subjects that involve both a hot-button debate and a slew of nuanced details, however, the polling on
A new poll released just as the Supreme Court dealt significant blows to women and workers finds that Americans' confidence
About 70 percent say they'd support term limits for Supreme Court Justices, and 61 percent would like to see television cameras
An overwhelming majority of voters would support sweeping reforms to the Supreme Court, as trust and confidence in the institution has eroded in recent years, according to a recent poll.
Big majorities in the GQR poll said that Supreme Court justices should no longer be appointed for life, that cameras should
Other racial groups, however, also disapproved: Hispanic Americans disagreed by 50 percent while 40 percent agreed, and whites