Jonathan Lovitz, Chris Stoll, Ria Tabacco Mar and Zack Ford explain why Kim Davis can't be fired.
After the U.S. Supreme Court denied to hear her case, Rowan County clerk, Kim Davis, is still refusing to wed same-sex couples. We explore the legal implications, if there's a precedent for her behavior and hear what locals have to say.
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As a Christian I wholeheartedly believe that God does not make mistakes and he would not have accidentally made millions of people (and animals) gay by chance. We are all who we are for a reason and no one should ever make you feel bad for that.
"The Court today performs just such a magic trick with the Elections Clause," the dissent continues. "That Clause vests congressional
With Friday's ruling that under the 14th Amendment, Americans are free to marry whom they love, the Supreme Court just gave
"The corollary of that principle is that human dignity cannot be taken away by the government. Slaves did not lose their
Obergefell was joined by several dozen other gay plaintiffs from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee who were fighting
Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the sole dissenter, writing that the court was "further eroding the Fourth Amendment's protection
Using their public platforms to add depth and breadth to the news, here's what some of the women who have spoken out so far
Perhaps taking a note from Catholic Church's opposition to sterilization, Hobby Lobby also objected to long-term birth control
But Roberts and his court don't actually want this exchange of ideas at their taxpayer-funded doorstep. "We have people with
The related cases are Christie v. NCAA, New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association v. NCAA and Sweeney v. NCAA, U.S. Supreme
This month’s Supreme Court campaign-finance ruling to further relax limits on how much Americans can give to political candidates
The problem is that the Court sees a warrant as a burden to the police rather than as a protection to the defendant. Civil liberties are about protecting the accused from an overbearing and significantly more powerful police force. So what does this mean?
Seems like not much has changed in the world of Chick-fil-A. After the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday, the restaurant chain's president and chief operating officer, Dan Cathy, apparently tweeted an anti-gay response to the ruling.
The tweet is still available on Topsy, an online platform that can index and trackback tweets and web pages. Seems like not
The Supreme Court ruled that a lower appeals court misinterpreted the justices' precedent when reviewing the University of Texas at Austin's affirmative action policy. Adam Winkler, Collins Byrd and Lisa McElroy join Mike to discuss.
Fisher was the first higher education affirmative action case that has come before Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices
The court ruled Thursday for American Express in a dispute with merchants, saying that the merchants could not band together