There is a girl in our daughter's class who shares her first name. The two children have been fast friends since kindergarten. They've had sleepovers, played dress-up with each other's costumes, ran through the sprinkler and managed lemonade stands on hot days.
So far, the Supreme Court has been much more cautious about same-sex marriage than it was about inter-racial marriage a half-century ago. Its two rulings in June 2013 -- overturning DOMA and California's Prop 8 -- reflected the basic conservatism of the Roberts Court.
Snyder made the comments at a Bloomberg View forum in New York. “If a federal judge changes the law … then I’m going to follow
Supporters of democracy and the idea of lawmaking by the people -- wherever they stand on the issue of same-sex marriage -- should be troubled by the Supreme Court's decision Wednesday on California's Proposition 8.
Katami and Zarillo, of Burbank, Calif., have been together since 1998 and were two of the plaintiffs in the case against
"I'm an Israeli, and Michael is an American, and finally, after six years, he is going to be able to give me his immigration
In Michigan, state Rep. Adam Zemke (D-Ann Arbor) proposed legislation earlier this week to repeal the state's constitutional
In a string of tweets sent after the Supreme Court's rulings were announced, Phelps-Roper reiterated past claims that same
But nearly 100 benefits remained off-limits due to DOMA. Same-sex spouses still couldn't receive benefits under the Family
"It means that the same sorts of restrictions that apply to heterosexual married couples will apply to gay married couples