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This is the tablet everyone wanted before Apple invented iPads.It has a USB port, it has a stylus, it's powerful, it can run "real" software. The problem Microsoft is going to have is that iPads have been invented and consumers have voted with their checkbooks.
The shocking news arrived this weekend: The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, Microsoft's second-generation "iPad killer" tablets, sold out in many stores.
Michael Cherry, the lead analyst of operating systems at Directions on Microsoft, an independent advisory firm in Washington
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Despite some good reviews, Microsoft had an extraordinarily difficult time getting the Surface off of shelves, and an overwhelming
Or maybe not. As Yahoo News' Jason Gilbert points out, there was considerable excitement for the Surface when it was previewed
Several PC makers went public with their unease about Microsoft's decision to make its own computers last year. DEFEND THE
Thieves broke into Microsoft's offices at 1075 La Avenida Road sometime between Dec. 19 and Dec. 26, Mountain View Police
Nowhere was this more evident than at the company's product launch events, which were as redundant as they were uninspired
On Thursday, among the other details we learned about Surface Pro, set to hit shelves in January, Microsoft exposed a fatal
PARIS (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp's new Surface tablet - its challenger to Apple's iPad - had a "modest" start to sales because
Look no further than this video made by Cinesaurus (of really tall iPhone 5 fame) comparing the two tablets as proof. The
Is the Surface a Tablet or a Laptop? Perhaps it's somewhere in the middle. Will you love it or hate it? So much depends on your Windows needs and how closely integrated you are into the world of Microsoft.
CORRECTION: An earlier headline touted reviews of Windows 8. The reviews in this gallery reflect critics' reactions to the
Surface is gorgeous, and it has some unique features and accessories. But the big question is whether it will be enough to woo customers. This question must be eating away at Microsoft execs, because they desperately need Surface to be a hit.
The Surface will go on sale October 26th, the same day that Microsoft's new Windows 8 operating system will become available
We are certainly excited to see that Microsoft is coming out and claiming smaller, lighter and longer running devices. Even
October 26th, in other words, is one of the biggest days in Microsoft history. Mark your calendars. Microsoft had previously
Caleb Slain, 22, impressed Microsoft executives with a promotional video for the new Windows 8 tablet, Surface, despite the