El 10 aspira operar transparentemente en una PC, en una laptop, laptop/tablet, solo tablet, smartphone, c贸nsola de Xbox... pero
Photos & text: Roeselien Raimond A moment of Zen-like mindfulness, a bit of self-reflection, or
This is the tablet everyone wanted before Apple invented iPads.It has a USB port, it has a stylus, it's powerful, it can run "real" software. The problem Microsoft is going to have is that iPads have been invented and consumers have voted with their checkbooks.
The shocking news arrived this weekend: The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, Microsoft's second-generation "iPad killer" tablets, sold out in many stores.
"However," he wrote, "against Apple and a raft of low-cost Android tablets, it is still going to be a long road for Microsoft
The next time you're feeling tired, question yourself, ask your body what it wants to say. The smallest new thought could reveal deeply hidden truths. Rather than dismiss these new ideas, include them.
Last week, the company disclosed that it lost over $900 million on the low-selling tablet computer, and during an internal
Even if sales didn't meet that stir, the hype showed a pent-up desire for a tablet that doesn't run on software made by Apple
Several leading executives, touted by outsiders at one time or another as potential successors to Ballmer, have left the
"Theft of iPads aren't unusual, but the place where it took place is, to me, unusual," Thompson said. "It's an Apple product