The sum includes $50 million in insurance on the Champlain Towers South building and at least $100 million in proceeds from the sale of the Surfside property.
Allyn Kilsheimer, who investigated building failures after Sept. 11, said he's "pissed off" that he has not been allowed access to the Florida scene.
Some of the bodies have not yet been identified, but officials believe only four individuals are still missing.
Binx had been unaccounted for since the night of the Jun. 24 disaster.
After two weeks of searching for survivors, the rescue effort at the condo collapse near Miami is now a recovery operation.
Investigators have detected no new signs of life in the rubble as the death toll climbed to 36.
Elisheva Cohen was praying for her father, Dr. Brad Cohen, one of about 120 people missing under the rubble at the collapsed condo in Surfside.
The 7-year-old daughter of a Miami firefighter was among the victims.
The stoppage came on the same day that crews and relatives of those still missing were scheduled to meet with President Joe Biden.
The eerie video shows water and debris in the garage just 7 minutes before the building fell.