The prospect of facing neck or back surgery is daunting – the anxiety over whether the surgery will work and the pain involved
Last of all, my veterans taught me that in the heat of the battle, you never leave behind your fallen battle buddy. For me
The truth is that everyone hides it! Women slink in for routine procedures (with spouses none the wiser), while guys go to
You can tell me ANYTHING Think of your plastic surgeon as your confessor - a confidant who guards all secrets while she discreetly
Nicola Ward is succeeding in a profession where she is pushed to find another like her. Nicola is an Orthopaedic Surgeon
I agree that ineffective surgeries should not be performed. Unfortunately, people tend to have a reductionist mentality and want to see things as good or bad. Research data can tell us that, but all too often the data tells us something in between.
If the surgery is long but "routine" (and many of mine are), we tend to not even notice the time flying by. If the procedure is not common, we tend to flip and things get really quiet, so much so that everyone comments about it.
Injury, surgery and recovery are each a journey. You bring to them your attitude and your physiology, and you work with what you have. I have always learned the most from my patients who push the limits, and today I am better educated: as both a physician and recovering patient.
Growing up, I wasn't the stereotypically "girly-girl" in ballerinas, playing with Barbies and putting on nail polish. No, I was the girl strutting air Nike's, the "tomboy", playing on the monkey bars, competing with the boys in flag football, baseball, and street basketball tournaments.