"The Daily Show" host said he's disabled after a botched operation at the Hospital for Special Surgery.
"Tuesday, I’ll be seeing 'House of Gucci' with my best friend. Wednesday, I’ll be staring at my ceiling. And Thursday, I’ll be having my left arm cut off around 3 p.m."
Boston Medical Center's Dr. Tony Tannoury was reprimanded for “conduct that undermines the public confidence."
The comedian said in candid videos after getting her uterus and appendix removed that she's already feeling her energy.
Lifesaving surgeries are once again being delayed because hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients.
The Vatican said the pope had been diagnosed with a condition related to his large intestine.
“When the surgeon tells you the best way to ensure you will be alive in five years is to remove your entire nose ― well, ‘shocking’ doesn’t begin to cover it.”
Rilynn Payne has needed a new kidney since birth. But her surgery has been delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dagmar Turner, whose performance was caught on video, said the thought of losing her ability to play was "heart-breaking.”
"The elephant in the room is that many of our patients are dying and there is often nothing we can do to change that."