Ellen DeGeneres revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that she dedicated a room on the Heart Institute floor of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in honor of his son, Billy.
There's also something none of us have seen from that video making the rounds, she says.
A successful day begins with a purposeful morning. A lot has been written about the power of your morning routine to set
The beloved actress surprised Oprah in 1997 and sent her into total fan-girl mode.
Yes, I was talking. That I was sure of. But my syntax and pacing were odd -- almost as if I was translating a Dead Sea Scroll
Think you know everything about being married? You don't -- yet.
"She has been randomly crying since it happened," said the daughter of Bon Jovi fan Carol Cesario.
We're complex beings, and there is always more to learn. Caring is more important than "knowing." Are we interested, receptive, curious? The element of surprise can fuel a sense of newness and add excitement when we're open to it.
Imagine if you were to see that, see how the blessings of your own effort have allowed you to come alive in unimaginable ways -- and, not because anyone other than you made it happen. Imagine how surprised you might be. Imagine how we would celebrate.
Just like a baby, your Mom won't know the exact due date for the Box of Style. The chic Box of Style itself is a high quality
"Even with this, I could never repay you for what you've done for me."
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