The former NSYNC star and husband Michael Turchin found a novel way to let the world know.
The CNN anchor announced the birth of his baby boy, Wyatt Morgan Cooper.
Hulu's new series explores what it means to deserve to be a child's parent.
"He's here and he's perfect!" the reality TV star wrote on Twitter.
The couple expects to welcome a new baby via a surrogate in the new year.
“Merry Christmas! To everyone feeling alone, scared, unsafe, unsure, without hope ... hang on," the actress wrote on Instagram.
People accused Gabrielle Union of acting as if she gave birth by wearing a hospital gown while she was doing skin-to-skin contact with her baby.
For some in the LGBT community, determining how they can start or even grow their families with the help of fertility experts is a process sometimes fraught with obstacles. I'm happy to say that in my nearly 30 years as a fertility doctor, third-party reproductive options have come a long way.
There was a time in Democratic party politics when the mother of all surrogates was said to be Bill Clinton. Now, there's something bigger, The Pope, and Bernie Sanders just landed him. Well, sort of.