Anyone can see what’s going on in Newark, New Jersey. Using the Citizen Virtual Patrol, the public has 24/7 access to the city’s growing network of surveillance cameras. Officials say it’s part of an effort to reduce crime and restore community trust in the police. Opponents say the system leaves room for civil rights abuse and privacy violations.
The Citizen Virtual Patrol, a 24/7 public surveillance system, lets anyone watch the city's streets from anywhere at any time, through as many as 127 cameras.
"I swear, I think you guys are listening," the "CBS This Morning" co-host said in an interview.
The California city is the first major U.S. city to ban government use of the technology.
Members of the city’s board of supervisors advanced an ordinance saying such technology “will exacerbate racial injustice.”
Has the attorney general come to the belief that "court-ordered electronic surveillance is spying?" the former FBI director said. "Wow."
The White House wants to crack down on fraud as applications for Social Security disability are plunging.
AI is increasingly common, and the algorithms it uses to "predict" crime and misbehavior are reproducing racial discrimination.
You can’t teach your kid to value consent while simultaneously violating theirs.
Alexa! Don't share my personal information with everybody!
Is there any privacy left, let alone a right to privacy?
The videos, which show blurry scenes of students running and police officers scanning the grounds, don't provide much information.
Black protest is, and always has been, a target of government policing. With Dr. King, it was no different.
Their current concern doesn't square with their past votes on surveillance.
Trump either did or didn't want this to happen — no one really knows.
Authorities showed a BBC reporter that they could use the system to identify and apprehend him in seven minutes.
The agency feared “black supremacist extremists” would disrupt the 2016 political conventions.
How can we work safely and ethically in an era of internet spying and wiretapping?