surveillance reform

The federal government this week announced a reform to an investigative tool that gives the FBI sweeping surveillance power
President Barack Obama promised modest changes to the National Security Agency's surveillance program in a speech Friday
President Barack Obama met with 16 members of Congress for more than an hour at the White House on Thursday to discuss surveillance reforms, just days before he is to disclose changes he wants in response to leaker Edward Snowden's revelations.
"But he's not yet finished with that, and he is still soliciting input, which he did today," Carney added. Even after a report
"From a transparency perspective, the government shutdown has just been horrendous," said Trevor Timm, an activist with the
"The American people deserve better than to have the director of national intelligence and the head of the NSA make statements
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange weighed in on President Barack Obama's proposed surveillance reforms Saturday, calling the