But public opinion on key transgender rights issues hasn’t changed significantly over the past couple years.
The survey shows many women want the two medications to be available over the counter or online. Nearly half want doctors to provide the pills in advance.
Almost half of all parents struggle to find affordable options, a new survey finds.
Political views are more of a dividing line than gender.
Have you ever wondered which U.S. city wears the highest heel? How about which generation purchases the most lingerie? We've
John Gomperts is president and CEO of America's Promise Alliance, the nation's largest network dedicated to improving the
2) Democrats will narrowly take the U.S. Senate 1) Hillary Clinton Will Be Elected. If you're looking for the most neutral
But, he doesn't. Data from the National Asian American Survey, released last week by Karthick Ramakrishnan and his team, verifies
Ladies, would you consider dating a much younger man? If not, it seems that in 2016, you're in the minority. With Texas coming
Technology has become so tightly woven into our lives both inside and outside the workplace that it's all just second nature to us -- we don't even think about it anymore.
Fooda, an office lunch service company, surveyed 500 people to find out how Americans are spending their lunch breaks.
Bigger Turnoff: Overconfident or Insecurity? We all have our flaws but with this data we now know it'll be best to work on
A new survey also found that Hispanic and black respondents have very similar attitudes toward race relations.
Feedback that is solicited is sketchy. At the local sub shop the completed survey gets me a free drink and a bag of chips
According to another survey, the 15-29 year-old Finnish young adults watch Youtube on average of one hour per day and 57