survival guide

Some helpful suggestions and tips to ensure your holiday is filled with all the fun and none of the headache.
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No matter how much experience I gain, other survivalists always come up with clever solutions.
If you are like me and getting panic attacks at the thought of being alone ALL DAY with the kids for this long, just know that you are not alone. I've devised a survival list for all my mommy and daddy soldiers, braving their way through this carnage called Christmas/Winter break.
When thorny questions about climate change arise over your Christmas ham, we've got you covered!
Though there are about 25 million lightning strikes a year, being struck is rare. In fact, you have about a 1-in-1,000,000
9. Benadryl capsules. Allergies can appear suddenly in adulthood, which means you might not be allergic to ragweed right
We sit in this room devising new and better ways to celebrate Mother's Day for you. No longer will women have to be subjected to the standard flower bouquet or foot massage cliché that we all know is getting old.
My question for everyone who felt the ground moving in August is: are you okay for next time, all prepared for what could be a really massive shaker?
Do things get tense with your husband or partner around the holidays? If so, there's a reason -- and a solution.
As soon as you see your colleagues, you're going to be tempted to complain or gossip. Zack says this is one of the riskiest
So you survived the second coming. As we embark on this post-Rapture era, don't you dare breathe a sigh of relief before hearing what Neil Strauss has to say.
Forget the keeping up with the Jones mentality that this country has instilled into our psyche for decades. With rampant unemployment and plunging real estate values, the Jones are running out of money.
> 3 seconds without spirit and hope. > 3 minutes without air. > 3 hours without shelter in extreme conditions. > 3 days without
In case of total disaster, here are a few thoughts about changing your fashion habits today to be prepared:
Whether it is an illness, foreclosure, or a messy divorce, there are many difficult life challenges that all of us and our loved ones will one day have to face.
2. DON'T EAT PEANUT BUTTER. That crap has salmonella in it, and the last way to survive a recession is to voluntarily risk massive hospital bills with a life threatening strain of bacteria.
Celebrate You: if you find that comments from family members, or rather your interpretation of their comments, send you on a downward spiral, then come armed with the knowledge that you are wonderful.