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The miners reportedly bragged about the slaughter.
It is important to remember that there is a lot more to India than the craziness one experiences, if one has the desire and the patience to look for it.
Survival International reports that the Guarani had been living in a roadside encampment in Mato Grosso do Sul for more than
Over the past few weeks, all twelve indigenous villages participating in a referendum voted against mining on Niyamgiri, a mountain sacred to the tribe. The victory gives rare hope to India's 650-odd tribes, many of which face displacement by mining, dams, and other "development."
On Father's Day 2013, dads around the world will be celebrated for the immeasurable contributions they make to their children
On Mother's Day 2013, women around the world will be celebrated for the immeasurable contributions they make to their children
Throughout its history, ERM has proven instrumental in the fossil fuel industry's deployment of the "Tobacco Playbook," magically transforming one-sided scientific debates like climate change and ecological impacts of extreme pipeline proposals into faux two-sided disputes.
Last November I was in Colombia researching the situation of the Arhuaco tribe for tribal rights organization Survival International
As the 2012 London Olympics get underway, Survival International profiles tribes around the world for whom games from the
Construction of an oil pipeline running for approximately 207 kilometers through one of the most remote, biodiverse parts of the Peruvian Amazon has been delayed.
The solution to the Awá's problems is actually relatively simple: their lands need to be protected and their rights respected.
The article was brief, reading more like a Perenco PR statement than a piece of journalism, and reported comments by the
This isn’t the first time a company has threatened the existence of the Ayoreo. Wired Magazine reports that Mennonites, Christians
They aren't gone. The world may be flat and globalization may be an inexorable trend, but tribes stills persist all over
The tribe is currently in danger, as illegal loggers invade their land, pushing the tribe from Peru into Brazil. Last year
From Survival International: Indigenous people are on the frontline of climate change. They are already feeling its effects
The government of India has halted plans by UK-based Vedanta Resources to establish a bauxite mine of the sacred tribal lands
I am surprised that share-tipsters continue to recommend Vedanta as a desirable investment. Regrettably, many shareholders, content to read about the share price, remain silent about Vedanta's detrimental impact on local communities.
More photos here. The National Indian Foundation, a government agency in Brazil, took these photos and published them Thursday