"Phyliss and I prepared all this for one group of people and it turns out it's going to help another group of people."
Yes, I know that Dylann Roof's gun purchase was legal. Perhaps no regulation would have prevented him from attaining a weapon. But is it possible that this disturbed young man felt entitled to take things into his own hands because of our gun culture?
James Wesley, Rawles, a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer and present-day survivalist, is the author of the novels, Expatriates, Founders, Survivors, and Patriots, all of which deal with the possibility of a coming global collapse.
Stewart is founder of Willow Haven Outdoor, an Indiana school that offers survival and disaster preparedness classes. He
You can't go anywhere--you can't really move left or right in town without someone talking, or just inhaling the word FREIN. It breathes through the trees, the white pine and the oak.
The docu-series -- now eight-years-old and going strong -- relies completely on the help of friends, volunteers, and like
Jesse Ventura Goes 'Off The Grid' To Avoid Drone Surveillance
Meet the man who has stepped out of the modern world to live among the trees in Washington's Hoh Rainforest. Survivalist
"When it happens, we need to look at this as a opportunity, not a crisis," he said. "Who's [sic] job is liberty? That's our
Weird News
Tens of millions of viewers around the world are currently sitting on pins and needles in anticipation of what will happen next on The Walking Dead. Who will get munched? What will happen to the Governor? Many viewers will sit through the show wondering, "is this foreshadowing?"
Today we organized and shifted our inventory of food under the floor in the cargo hold. It made us wonder about people the world over who practice survivalist food strategies.
Whether it is an illness, foreclosure, or a messy divorce, there are many difficult life challenges that all of us and our loved ones will one day have to face.
Style & Beauty
Dressed in a navy-and-white-striped polo, fitted khaki shorts, and a hefty silver watch, Mike, 37, blends in with his neighbors