Tattoo artist Dr. Woo shared a snapshot of the singer's dainty new ink on Instagram.
The trauma manifested itself in ways I couldn't imagine.
She performed in Wrestlemania, and also was a "Survivor" contestant and Playboy model.
Doubts, disbelief, mockery, hell: The tumultuous Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh is triggering an outpouring of suffering ― and healing.
Why should perpetrators get to put their actions behind them when victims like me don’t?
“It’s still weird to say that I was blown up. It’s still weird to say I was in a terrorist attack.”
Some Parkland shooting survivors have embraced their media platform. But not all survivors have positive experiences with the cameras.
The court system worked to elevate the survivors’ voices after they spent years being ignored and disbelieved.
"Yes, I am quite small — fine, I am, but it doesn't mean I'm less mighty."
The powerful "What Were You Wearing?" exhibit pushes back against the notion that sexual assault survivors’ outfits have an impact on their attacks.
“What this experience has shown me is I have so much love in my life."
Survivors of the suicide bomb attack in Manchester, UK, describe the scenes in the immediate aftermath of the explosion.
Brielle Decker said she was 65th of Warren Jeffs's estimated 79 wives.