Susan Cain

I’m not very good with small talk. I remember watching someone at work who always seemed to be chatting up a storm with anyone
This article first appeared on   Quiet Power by Susan Cain: Excerpt I’ve come to realize not only how important
What introverts can do to unlock their secret strengths.
"Is everything ok? You're kind of quiet tonight." For many of us, it was an occasional inquiry from Mom at the dinner table after a tough day at school. Yet, for some, hearing that refrain was all too common throughout childhood.
Current publishing trends are such that writers need to have an author platform before an agent or editor will sign them on. An agent friend of mine told an audience at a panel we sat on together, "Get the TED talk first and then come talk to me."
What was remarkable about the simple act of Joe, he fused the two to create a multiplier effect - a prop that each member
As difficult as it was to make these changes and stick by them, within just one week, I noticed a huge difference in how I felt at the end of the day. I was less stressed and definitely less exhausted.
Author Susan Cain is probably best known for her breakout TED talk based on her bestselling book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Cain is helping people on both sides of the fence, introverts and extroverts, understand each other better in personal and professional situations.