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When All My Children came to an end in 2011, it seemed Susan Lucci took a page from Erica Kane's handbook. The reinvention began. Some critics charged that Lucci's career was over. Those who underestimated her made a big mistake.
A gun is an option for solving the soap's operatic greed. In Joy's story, life follows daytime drama. Joy's menagerie includes her mom Terry (Virginia Madsen), dad Rudy (Robert De Niro), half sister Peggy (Elisabeth Rohm), her ex (Edgar Ramirez) and her kids.
ON TAKING RISKS 5) If you don't ask, you definitely won't get it. This concept is a translation of one of my favorites: the
When a celebrity gets hitched, naysayers get out their stop-watches to count down the days, months or years that the break-up will take place. Cynical, yes; inevitable... not so fast. There are celebrities who have never signed divorce papers. Here are just 50 of them.
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Rich and clever stories mixed with plenty of juicy intrigue makes watching Devious Maids the perfect Sunday night. You'll
During the interview, "All My Children" fan Donna also asked Lucci what her beauty secrets are. Along with vigilant makeup
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