Susan Olsen

Susan Olsen finds it "hilarious" she's been labeled anti-gay.
Susan Olsen, aka "Cindy Brady," may have even lost her talk show gig.
Also in the video, Olsen explains why she left acting and the assumption that people always make about her income. "People
The star who played the angelic Cindy Brady, or "the youngest one in curls," on the iconic TV series "The Brady Bunch" is
"I think everybody, at some point in their life, wanted to be a Brady," Williamson said at the event, according to
It's been 39 years since "The Brady Bunch" concluded its five-season run, but rerun heaven has kept the series very much
She went on to note: "'I can also say that being gay killed him. Because it was so taboo, he could never make peace with
Watch a horribly hungover Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady, struggle through this radio interview until she finally confesses