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Good news: the written word thrives downtown. The brainchild of Doctor Amanda Foreman, the author of historical works like
Whatever subjects we choose, as women writers we are cataloging historical and cultural events in ways that go far deeper than the two-dimensional stories told by photographs. We get into the heads of our audience in ways that movies still can't.
You can read more about that fire here. Will you buy - or borrow - the book? What do you want a modern book about libraries
Accomplished literary journalist and author Susan Orlean has given plenty of interviews about her life's work, but none of
5. Because drinking helps lessen our psychic pain, (even if it's only temporarily): Stay tuned for Part II of this post: Some
Yep, I am saying that a dog's story can teach you things about product development and brand management better than most business school professors. The book I am referring to is the tale of the most famous dog of all time -- Rin Tin Tin.
If we had to highlight just a single favorite parenting tweet from the past week, it would be this gem from Susan Orlean
The vocabulary of social media - "like," "follow," "friends" -- are painful artifacts of the teenage years. Only now we have an actual number."
Who is the woman on your Facebook page? Is she you? No, really. Is she the woman who wakes up in the morning with last night’s
Many of us are on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and maybe Foursquare and Google Plus, and in many ways, these platforms
What’s the most personal thing you’ve ever shared with your followers? My mom is getting very senile, and I had a moment
Let yourself go the next time you stumble across the improbable or the unforeseen. Be wildly silly and curious about everything that you see, paying attention to all that is quirky because you never know what meaning lies behind.
Fortunately, for local film buffs, the San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed for those interested in just this sort of thing. Anyone interested in early Hollywood will want to check out at least one of three events taking place in the coming weeks.
Tune in to The Hallmark Channel on November 11th for the premiere of the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards, which
The book's inside jacket describes Rin Tin Tin as the "dog who was born in 1918 and never died." News of his death interrupted
Last Friday Susan Orlean was on the verge of some serious animal acquisitions. Her latest herd of 12 Black Angus cattle was
There aren't many topics like moms to really light a fire under a conversation among a few friends, or even an entire community.
Susan Orlean has become a geek, something that simultaneously amuses and mildly horrifies her. Read more on Network World