Many parents are spooked by the options available for their little girls at Halloween. (Sorry about the pun. I had to do it.) Costumes are becoming increasingly sexualized and provocative, even for very young children.
If you are co-parenting with a narcissist, recognize that you will not--cannot--change the other person.
If we grade ourselves based on whether we got everything on our list accomplished, we're going to feel like we're failing because...drum roll please... The list never ends!
It is good to know that you have found your way to reconciling with your past and living in the present with a conscience that has been lightened by making amends and learning from your mistakes. Humility in the face of our mistakes is one of the hallmarks of respectability in my book.
When a child's personality doesn't match up with their teacher's, it can feel like there isn't a connection. But all is not lost! There are many ways you can help your daughter feel more at home in her new classroom.
Thank you for sharing these words from your heart. I know it may seem that you speak only for yourself, but believe me when I say that I don't know of a parent who doesn't feel some degree of regret over things they have said or done in a difficult moment--myself included.