Susan Wojcicki

More than 80 fact checking organizations call the platform “one of the major conduits of online disinformation and misinformation worldwide.”
Susan Wojcicki said recent warnings by the Capitol police about a potential new attack showed that an “elevated violence risk still remains.”
Videos that violates the policies will not necessarily be removed because it is "important for other people to see," said CEO Susan Wojcicki.
The vloggers are caught in the middle of YouTube’s scramble to deal with its ongoing predator problem.
Susan Wojcicki said being hurtful "wasn’t our intention at all."
What if I told you that YouTube is abetting radical jihadi terrorism in the United States? What if I also told you that YouTube management has turned a blind eye to appeals to cease doing so? Wouldn't you want to have YouTube management hear your outcry?
"In today's world, parents don't give kids enough independence."
Although this year had its ups and downs, there were some incredible women who continued to be positive role models.
One could see it as archaic. Maybe we no longer need trendspotters, when everything is changing all the time, and when everything else -- branding, marketing, behavior and lifestyle -- can adapt in real time. Trendspotting can be frustrating.