In a male-dominated business, her Tokyo restaurant goes its own way with an all-female team of sushi chefs.
The New Zealand outlaws waddled into a busy traffic area twice to get some delicious fresh fish. 🍣🍱🐟
Asian Voices
Masa Takayama appeared in a 2016 episode of Bourdain's show, "Parts Unknown."
Food & Drink
“Really putting the ‘Hell’ in mayonnaise,” one person tweeted.
Weird News
A doctor suspects it came from improperly prepared raw salmon.
David Bouhadana trained in Japan for three years. Does that give him a right to make fun of an accent?
When the first Megu opened downtown more than decade ago, it was easily the most dramatic Japanese restaurant in NYC--$6
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The first rule of fine dining: If you have to ask how much it costs, don't order it.
If you think about it, tomatoes and tuna DO have a similar vibe.
Finding the balance in drinking for pleasure and health may seem like a new concept. But I assure you that if you merge the
"This is the closest to a mouthgasm I have ever achieved."
Due to my dining partner's tardiness, we arrived ten minutes late and the chef was not happy. We apologized but were informed
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Frozen scallops supplied to the restaurant have now been recalled in 3 states.
There's no denying the refreshing qualities of a cucumber.