Susie Essman

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star recalled her 2004 roast of the future president to Seth Meyers.
Susie Essman swears she's nothing like Susie Greene, the foul-mouthed ball of rage she plays on “Curb Your Enthusiasm." Is she right?
Now I admit this one might sound pretty far fetched but before you laugh it off, consider the following: Larry Becomes A
Susie Essman stole a place in our hearts as the hilarious, prone-to-yelling Susie Greene on "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Speaking
The moment that David Brenner went on stage, the audience went nuts. As the comedians would say, he killed. His act was flawless, and Brenner soon became a regular performer at the club.
Cantone was quick to praise Lange, calling him as "the most open, cool, loving, wonderful guy" both onstage and off. "That
While at the conference, Brzezinski and the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star took a break to enjoy some pillow talk in Huffington's
My husband doesn't hate Mad Men. He likes it a lot. Not as much as I do because my like borders on obsession and fixation. But he likes it. What my husband hates, is me, after I watch Mad Men.
Imagine your life as a sitcom, and when things start to get bad, just hear that laugh track.
During HuffPost's Third Metric conference, actress and writer Susie Essman explained how being an overly controlling parent