Take a look at the notable suspense movies that will be added to streaming services this week.
MW: You have a new book coming out right after the holidays called Bad Mommy. Can you tell us how this book is different
5. Full Tilt and All In, by Emma Scott, Independent, June 28, 2016. Inspirational Romance. See what I did there? I cheated
The Times Square Ball has dropped in New York, viewed on televisions throughout Spencer County, Indiana. The well-wishing
KL: I have already started another project that is- so far- a mystery/suspense novel. There are elements of love in it because
EK: The Outlaws world is somewhat based upon what a lot of us fear our own world will be someday: war-torn, affected by global
Donald Trump Is Threatening He Won’t Accept The Election Result
So what will become of dark comedies, a genre whose very best exemplars aim to betray the prevailing culture's "impoverished
Mary Kubica is a Chicago based writer who hit the New York Times best-sellers list with her compelling debut novel, The Good Girl.
Trudy Nan Boyce received her Ph.D. in community counseling before becoming a police officer for the City of Atlanta. As a
Charles: I agree. Because we are writing about a different time, there are no generational differences between us. As mother
The Jack & Jill Series is romantic suspense with a bit of a dark edge. However, it has my signature humor as well. Dawn of
Caroline Kepnes is the author of the breakout hit, You, and the soon to be released follow-up, Hidden Bodies.
Fall is a wonderful time to read, rivaled only by lazy summer beach reading. The weather is getting cooler and the air is crisper. Kitchens warm with baked apple treats and pumpkin reigns in pastries and beverages alike. October in particular has a special spooky charm, especially when the leaves turn and the shadows get long as the days get darker.
I served my time in academia for over a decade. And a few years after I left, I decided to start a mystery series set in that environment.
Sandra Block's latest novel, The Girl Without a Name, follows the medical resident, Zoe Goldman from her suspense debut, Little Black Lies.
Order of Seven by Beth Teliho is a dazzling and thrilling story of mystery and self discovery as told through the female protagonist, Devi Bennett, a teen with fascinating supernatural powers.
She's considered America's foremost legal expert on sexual assault and domestic violence. When she turned her talents and impressive background to writing novels, Linda created Prosecutor Alex Cooper, and her team of attorneys and police officers, including Detective Mike Cooper.