sustainable architecture

These projects are protecting and enhancing the environment through integrated approaches to architecture and technology.
© Alberto Heras 18. SURE Architecture's Endless City in Height: This "endless" skyscraper in London is still in the design
** But homes like this aren't designed as much to protect against water as to make space for it, Deans explains -- an approach
NASA has laid out some pretty sci-fi sounding plans for the next 20 years of space travel, but a more critical mission -- at least for the sustainability of human life here on earth -- may be the one it launched in Mountain View, California, just over two years ago.
Universities are getting tough on environmental protection as they tackle challenges, through architecture, literature, hard science, and finance, bringing the new genre of climate-change fiction to life.
At the top of the tower you'll see a row of shiny blocks, which serve as the molds in which the bricks grow. Their light
2. Bud Clark Commons: Portland, Oregon / Holst Architecture 7. Sustainability Treehouse: Glen Jean, West Virginia / Mithun
The people of New York City require some 4 million acres of food-producing land -- roughly the size of the entire state of
But a team of students from the Rhode Island School of Design, Brown University and the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
Now we've seen treehouses before. But Sharma Springs, as the building is called, gets extra awesome points for being completely
For now, the house still has plenty of uses, if not for Stevens himself. ** Built in modules, or timber-frame boxes that
All these efforts are signs of significant progress. But they also raise a big question: Does taking the toxic chemicals out of a material really make it "healthy"?
Low-VOC paints and finishes and a concrete floor partner with the updated building envelope to improve and protect indoor
The Swedish architecture firm Belatchew Arkitekter devised a bizarre new plan for updating one of Stockholm's tallest buildings
The shapeshifting home, designed by Todd Theodore Fix of FIXd Architecture/Design, is revolutionary. Hydrogen fuel cells
Sandwiched between two cube-shaped buildings, a distinctive orb-like structure is likely why many are calling a new condo
In the spirit of eco-optimism, HuffPost has teamed with Dasani to curate a selection of some of the most disruptive designs
The small house movement is gaining speed all over the country. Their are even online organizations like the Small House
When an extended Spanish family decided to build a treehouse for their five grandchilden on their estate in Extremadura, they knew they wanted to protect their beloved "encinas" (holm oak trees).