Sustainable Clothing

There are plenty of other companies making stylish and functional yoga gear.
I'm happy to report there are a burgeoning number of apparel brands that marry integrity and style, each with their own unique twist on caring for both people and the planet.
Living in multiple worlds, none that I entirely fit, isn't a deficit. Instead, I feel it has allowed me to see outside the box. I am no one thing and therefore no one culture or experience defines me.
Fast fashion is appealing because it allows consumers to hop on ever-changing trends without making a big dent in their wallets
Indosole takes the tires directly from local landfills. They are washed, sanitized and cut to shoe size. Indosole claims
Nike, NASA, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department are putting a call out for ideas that
Does Michelle Obama set a bad fashion example for women across America?
April 20 is upon us again, and the 420 day fashions have not changed. We're talking about the hemp wear pieces, which we
Artist, educator and fashion designer Sasha Duerr uses just about anything to dye clothing: from kitchen waste to invasive "weeds" to the leaves, fruit or petals of nearly any tree or plant.