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It took producers a month to convince her to change her mind.
She might not have always been an expert on managing money, but Orman has worked hard to prove herself as a financial expert that people really trust.
From launching a financial product she had previously railed against to endorsing products she'd often criticized as bad deals, here's a look at five times Orman didn't follow her own advice.
Suze: Right Track Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter Scenario 2: After landing a new job with a great salary, you
Q: I owe $11,000 on my mortgage at 4.87 percent interest, and I have four years left. I'm hoping to find a lower rate and
By Suze Orman The Choice: Replace a broken refrigerator by tapping an emergency fund or signing up for a store credit card
Be Honest with Yourself We've all thought, "Gee, if only I had X number of dollars, my problems would be solved!" Yet Ben
By Suze Orman If you don't understand or innately trust the person, don't hesitate to move on. And by all means, stay involved
Do young gay people ever ask for your advice? Here's whats funny: More than the gay kids asking for advice, their parents
Count on a premium increase of at least 30 percent. The sad fact is that insurers are still figuring out this relatively