“It’s almost like he has springs in his arms because they pop up like that,” his father said.
Sometimes, the magnifying lens of the press distorts good science into a boogeyman that misleads rather than informs.
Case in point: The Swaddle Oh, how I simultaneously love and loathe the almighty swaddle technique. In the days after my
Cutting through the jargon (and hysterical headlines) to make sense of what new findings really mean for moms and dads.
My children are having children. It happens. I just wish they knew what they were doing. I get anxiety and heart palpitations every time my son and his adorable wife put my newborn grandson to bed.
The new tortilla baby swaddle blanket ($48.00, Bon Vivant Baby) is a 40-inch round blanket that looks eerily like a tortilla
It is my hope that continuing to raise awareness of this issue will force baby clothing manufacturers to make true infant sizes and to limit the use of such tight rubber and elastic.
For four years, it has been common practice at one Texas day care to swaddle infants, burrito-style, for nap time. But in
They may not be able to walk or talk, but when it comes to being swaddled, babies are true masters of escape. Check out their
After posting this photo, dchoe found out he isn't alone. User Tript0phan commented, "No lie, I do that too. Babies know
As a brand new parent, my husband and I are developing impressive knowledge, speed and accuracy at some events of our own -- which is why I propose the first-ever Parenting Olympics.