The fast-fashion site was blasted on social media for offering the pendant, just days after it pulled decorative rugs that resembled Muslim prayer mats.
The incident in Santee, California, is the latest example of anti-lockdown protesters using white supremacist and anti-Semitic hate symbols.
Sanders, who is Jewish, was speaking at a rally when a man unfurled a flag with the anti-Semitic symbol.
Police are investigating the hate symbol painted in red over the mural.
"As if leadership really cares. I guess I should not be surprised," one employee responded to an email on the discovery of the Nazi symbol, CNN reported.
A misshapen swastika and misspelled slur were spray-painted on a garage next to the scene.
Steve Johnson claims it's not a Nazi sign, it's a Tibetan symbol.
The chilling missives used several of President Donald Trump's catchphrases to attack the press.
The name originated from the company which first developed the area in 1908, years before the Nazis gave the symbol its now-universally nefarious connotation.
Smashed paint cans and swastika-like drawings were found at a Chabad of Flagstaff construction site, police said.