The suspect allegedly climbed five floors up a fire escape before grabbing guns and pointing them at officers, police said.
Officers responded to Greene’s house at 1 a.m. on Wednesday, after receiving a call about “a subject being shot multiple times.”
A fire broke out in the home during the standoff in Albuquerque.
The "End All No Knocks" initiative, launched in the wake of Breonna Taylor's death, was also endorsed by Taylor's mother, Tamika Palmer.
Thomas hopes the protests against police brutality will not only spark legitimate change in our country, but in Hollywood's storytelling.
Images from the arrest in Queens left many people concerned about the Trump administration's militarized targeting of undocumented immigrants.
Leo Lech's Denver-area home was destroyed in 2015 after an armed shoplifter barricaded himself inside.
Officials are calling the fact that no one was injured during the nine-hour standoff a "Christmas miracle."
Body cam footage of SWAT shows officers searching for the shooter during the Las Vegas massacre in the Mandalay Bay hotel in October 2017.
Merely observing the violence wrought by police has placed me on edge perpetually.