The beauty of this fashion trend is that you probably have these two transition pieces in your closet.
Super chunky sweaters showed up on Instagram and plenty of runways in 2018.
If these photos don't convince you turtlenecks are the best, nothing will.
Brandon Holley, fashion magazine veteran and CEO of Everywear, knows how to make the most of what you have and which must-haves you might want to get.
Whether you live in sunny California, a ski town in Colorado, or here in NYC (where it is absolutely frigid right now!), sweaters
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Proceeds from sweater sales will go to an AIDS orphanage in South Africa.
With the busiest travel week of the year - Thanksgiving -- coming momentarily, now is the time to prepare yourself to face the airport.
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While aran and cable knits were certainly celebrated down Altuzarra and Carvens' runways, there are additional twists to this seasonal favorite that extend to accessories too.
Ever since I was young, I have loved fashion. At the end of every summer, when I receive the September fashion magazines, I get excited with anticipation of a quiet time when I can read them without interruption, and fall into the fashion fantasies of the moment.
With all this talk about fall fashion trends, British women's wear designer Ruby Rufus Isaacs felt that the fashion industry was ignoring one very key, very cute, four-legged demographic: dogs! Here are some of our absolute favorites from the Ruby Rufus collection.
The key to an amazing closet is all in how you hang -- not only on the right hangers, but also in the right, hack-tastic
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