Sweet Caroline

First the San Diego team Rickrolled the Boston fans, then they whipped the Beantown team 3-1.
The singer came out of retirement to perform for firefighters who have battled a horrific blaze.
One of the central challenges in fighting terrorism is vigilantly maintaining our open societies, public events and civic life in spite of real threats. Ironically, we will become more vulnerable if this vigilance were to weaken.
MLB teams around the country having been playing Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" for the past several days to show support
Secretary of State John Kerry -- who served as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts from 1985 to 2013 -- made a major gaffe
In the aftermath of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings on Monday afternoon, the Yankees chose to play Neil Diamond's "Sweet
“They don’t sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ everywhere, but they do at Fenway,” Deal said. “If you come in person and close your eyes
On behalf of one Jew from the great state of New Jersey now living in the Hollywood Hills, I proudly pledge all of my non-existent delegates to a true American Idol among us, the next President of these United States -- Mr. Neil Diamond.