sweet valley high

Time to revisit your favorite identical twins with aquamarine eyes.
And if there's a lesson from Sweet Valley Confidential, Pascal's spinoff novel which was released in 2011 and picks up 10
Some sequels are masterpieces (Huckleberry Finn, Lord of the Rings, Through the Looking Glass), and others are pleasant surprises (Doctor Sleep, the most recent Bridget Jones) but there are a few that deserve to stay hidden deep in the discount bin.
I'm not sure if I can stomach an entire film featuring puffy-sleeved blouses and mom jeans, so I'm taking this opportunity to style my dream Sweet Valley Highcast.
The "Sweet Valley High" books hit e-readers last week, and while twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are getting introduced
Now that Francine Pascal's young-adult series Sweet Valley High has spawned the recent Sweet Valley Confidential and the
It should be no secret that we’re huge readers over here at Gurl.com. Personally, as a kid, I spent hours and hours reading
I was able to use sex to get attention. I've been a writer my entire life. Nobody paid one wit of attention to me until I started writing about sex. To me that is very telling.