swimming lessons

Six years old is late to be starting swim lessons, but we just couldn’t face our fears yet.
People are sending their support to the singer, 40, who admitted he "can't really swim" but is taking lessons.
This follows a proposed ban on full-face Muslim veils.
Underwater Babies features photos of adorable infants at swimming lessons. Casteel collaborated with 18 different infant
We also love the end-of-episode cameo by the real Coco. Dad's constant reminders to "kick your legs, kick 'em!" seem to go
My girl talks focus and determination all week, and damn, it makes me proud.
I always ran through scenarios for the girls and their first boyfriends. It involved scaring the boyfriends, embarrassing the girls and making sure the boys knew dad would be watching.
In the old-fashion parlance of the Talmud, a father is required to teach his son three things: The Torah, a trade and how to swim.
I was beside myself with the idea of being on the sidelines and yet, that was where I needed to be. I needed to have faith in the process. Faith in the instructors and faith in my children's abilities.
In an age when we are constantly comparing ourselves (and our kids) to other people -- where prodigies of every stripe are just a YouTube video away -- it doesn't hurt to be reminded that we all do things when we're ready and not a second before.
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