swimming pool

Twitter critics are suspicious about the 1962 incident involving the “Romans” gang leader that Biden insists threatened him at a swimming pool.
Swimmers were picked up by a mammoth wave and hurled into one another.
"This is epic," Kaley Cuoco wrote of the "Friends" alum's summer fun.
Whites used to put nails at the bottom of pools in Cincinnati and pour bleach and acid in pools with black bathers in St. Augustine, Florida.
About 70 percent of kids under 5 in drowning accidents weren't meant to be near a pool at the time.
A new water park is providing relief during a heat wave in Iran. But men and women aren’t allowed to cool off at the same time.
Bode and Morgan Miller's daughter Emeline died in June at 19 months after falling into a neighbor’s pool.
Minnesota state law allows a mother to breastfeed anywhere she deems fit.
Camp director Tahsiyn A. Ismaa’eel believes city officials used a vaguely worded policy to keep her students out of the pool.
And we call dogs dumb animals. Step 5: Dry off the dog with a bath towel. Step 2: Wet the dog, being careful that the dog
Until we find that proverbial dye that turns the water blue when kids (and adults) pee, we need to be alert and maintain cleanliness of water to stay healthy.
So, without further ado, here are my realistic resolutions for 2016.
Gotta love them! Our own personal babysitters who have seen and loved the young side of life. They are splashing and chasing the kids while you catch up on Facebook. God bless Florida!
As a guy who is usually in hot water, which I am using as an excuse for all my wrinkles, I recently found myself in the unusual situation of being in hot water because there was no hot water.
Kids don't care if the water is only 50 degrees, foul-smelling, green and filled with last summer's bugs and diseases. As soon as their bathing suit is on and the American flag is hanging high, they are off and running for the closest water source.