If you would like to learn more, I recommend a book on BDSM (Amazon) or join the free site FetLife.com that's a great place
How one photographer documented the epidemic of hidden abuse inside our nation's homes.
Impossible Project moved the battery from the film cartridges to the camera; you'll have enough juice to shoot through 20-25 cartridges with flash, 40 without, before you'll have to recharge its lithium-ion cell. But what's behind this retro camera, and will anyone be interested?
Remember stories from the 60s and 70s, when couples went to parties and put their house keys in a punch bowl? The person's keys you drew at the end of the night was the person you went home with.
Have you ever been in the wrong place at the right time? Experienced a moment which changed your life for the best, although you didn't realize it until it was over? I have.
The process of finding a partner -- or partners -- for polyamorous fun is hindered by awkwardness and libido-killing logistics. Dating sites and apps like 3nder and Mixxxer are trying to make the process seamless, yet stories of frustrated couples abound.
You know it's too late for civilization when tennis and pornography get mixed up in bar talk. Way too late. But it's not over yet.
Do swingers usually play while their children are only a few feet down the hall? No, Stern says, but it’s not completely
Not everyone in an open marriage is some kind of sex-addicted freak show. Between household duties, raising children and having a meaningful relationship with my husband, I do not have a lot of time to dedicate to having sex with other people, even if I wanted to.
A swingers club in Nashville is being born again … as a church.
Leon Feingold, co-president of Open Love NY, had his epiphany while on a date with a polyamorous woman. For some, the answer
Call us sheltered. Call us naive. We assumed they existed, of course, but we just didn't know much about them. Until now, that is. And everything we've learned, we're sharing with you.
Sloan and Ownbey have both been assigned to desk duty at the Denver Police Department, pending an investigation by the Aurora
Jon Favreau, and the rest of the cast, stopped by the SXSW Samsung Blogger Lounge to discuss his new film, "Chef," cooking
Full Segment: Monogamy is the norm in our society, but some contend that promiscuity is the more natural way. Could open relationships be the answer to longer lasting relationships?
A common theme on the websites the researchers considered was privacy and security. The sites reassured users that their
From divorce rumors to open marriage speculation, the internet can't stop talking about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's
"Why is the idea of an open relationship so threatening," Larson writes, "especially when it's clear that many are having
I'm willing to whisper sweet nothings to Henry in Spanish so if he closes his eyes he's making love to Salma Hayek. But I won't be inviting her into our bed.