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The singer and her husband, Swizz Beatz, have two sons.
The singer, her husband and his ex-wife have come a long way.
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The internet ate them up. The Swizz Beatz fight is of course an extension of the fight with Rubinstein. Rodriguez explains
The people who go by there are heavy hitters by every standard. Stars like Swizz Beatz and his wife Alicia Keys are regulars
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New Yorkers may know the name DJ Young Chow because he's likely the person getting you in the mood for your Saturday night out on the town as a DJ at popular radio station Hot 97.
I had the pleasure of chatting with Empire's newest musical genius, Sean Cross while the build up was intensifying. He let me in on some of his intimate memories with close friend and mentor, Producer Swizz Beatz.
Keys announced Genesis' birth in an Instagram post back in December, along with an image of the little one's footprints. "The
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“And so, when everybody is able to be an adult, which we all are able to be, and we’re able to recognize that actually there’s
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The New York Public Library was filled with youthful swag and fresh young faces at what The YBF reports was Egy's fashion
The beauty of music is that it is a platform for many opportunities. It enhances a number of skills, and mainly, I believe, that it allows people to dream big.
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As the sun sets on Spanish Harlem, it's shadowed by steel commuter frames and towering projects. This historical city offers generations of families a unique quality of life and allows natives to come and go as they please.
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Jennifer Garner had enough of the paparazzi this weekend and decided to give one particular photographer a piece of her mind.
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Less than a calendar year has passed since Peterson bought his first six-dollar art set but with determination and much dedication, Peterson has mastered the spectrum by mimicking famed artists such as Warhol and Da Vinci.
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We have to say we're impressed by the quality of Swizzy's work, not that we're surprised. Beatz previously collaborated with
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In the new issue of Marie Claire, Alicia Keys admits she “didn’t really like” her husband Swizz Beatz when she first met
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Something tells us she didn't find her mover on Craigslist.
When you know, you know. That's what Alicia Keys had heard about love. "I never knew what that meant," the multi Grammy Award
For a mental cleanse, buy some heavy reading at Faulkner House Books and take it for a spin in one of Tennessee's favorite