sybrina fulton

Fulton became a gun reform advocate after a white man killed her 17-year-old son in 2012.
These black women are powerfully dominating the DNC.
The seven mothers of black men, women and children will make a case for Clinton at Tuesday night's DNC.
“She’s been fighting for a long time with these issues,” Eric Garner's mother said.
"We simply can't afford to elect a Republican who refuses even to acknowledge the problem of senseless gun violence."
When I visited Christian Love Baptist Church in Irvington, N.J. on July 19 and heard Johnson speak, six years after her son's death, it wasn't a dramatization of events it was real life. A mother poured her heart out to a congregation, which understood her pain.
Meanwhile, special emphasis will also be given to the Black Lives Matter movement and discussing events that have occurred
Our nation has a gaping ache -- and we don't even know it. It's not unlike someone who goes to the doctor with mild complaints, only to be diagnosed with terminal cancer and dead in a few months.
“What better place than the festival to bring harsh conversations to light and deliver solutions?” De Luca said. “There are
Art, as a the tip of the spear for social change, is the goal of organizers and participants reacting to indignation following