A growing number of people are flocking to mermaid conventions and have poured their savings into a multimillion-dollar mermaid tail industry.
Scott Johnson's violent death, at a site that was known as a gay meeting place, was initially called a suicide.
Scott White faces the possibility of life in prison for Scott Johnson's murder. Prosecutors said his death, initially dismissed as a suicide, was a gay hate crime.
“The coast is our community’s backyard,” the local mayor said. "We are all in shock."
Hairdressers, gyms, cafés and bars in Australia's largest city have reopened to fully vaccinated customers for the first time in more than 100 days.
"The timing is right," the New South Wales state premier said.
Arachnids scuttle on the walls and ceiling in the real-life horror filmed by a mother in Sydney, Australia.
Pandemic restrictions limit crowds and gatherings to ring in 2021 as many popular locales urged residents to stay home.
The male baboon was en route to a vasectomy procedure with two females in tow to keep him calm, authorities said.
The wildfires, fueled by drought and record high temperatures, have burned an area twice the size of the U.S. state of Maryland.