Sydney Opera House

The photos tell the story of the reactions to the nationwide poll.
Noëmi Lakmaier floated for nine hours during an exhibit on the "fear of happiness."
Video: Universal Everything Turns Sydney Opera House into “Living Mural” originally appeared on ArchDaily, the most visited
Miami Marine Stadium, designed by Cuban American architect Hilario Candela in 1962, is a recognizable structure that sits
No matter what show you catch, each of these theaters will serve as memorable backdrops for its own reason.
A little bit of planning goes a long way as Sydney is full of natural beauty, hidden hotspots, and exciting events. The best part: many of them are free.
Manufactured by Swedish company Your Suite in Nature, this luxury mobile home "pops up" and expands to reveal a tent-like
In keeping with its structure -- it is more an assembly of discrete suburbs, each with its own (often banner-held-high) reputation, than it is a metropolis with a blend of neighborhoods -- I stumbled across its treats and its treasures one trove at a time.
Outdoor opera is artistically risky. Some say it compromises the art form and that amplifying the singers' voices destroys opera's unique element, the sound of the unadulterated human voice. As a means to draw new audiences, the gamble is paying off.
At the Sydney Opera House, early birds can actually get up onstage and conduct.
An intriguing Malibu home built by renowned architect Harry Gesner is listed for $7.895 million. The contemporary house has
2011-05-20-Screenshot20110519at9.02.52PM.jpg I just got back from Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in Sydney where I directed the looks for 17 shows from go to whoa.
Sarah Willis was clearly moved by what she had experienced in Sydney, where she mentored young musicians of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, an ensemble of musicians who got their positions via video auditions on YouTube.
An international show will indeed be met with lots of anticipation. His simple yet intricately constructed collections have yet failed to create intrigue
In science fiction, stories are anchored in reality by placing alien monsters, psychological disturbances, mystical events and disasters around an iconic building or bridge or monument.
Lou Reed will be taking a dog walk on the wild side later this week, as the singer and his composer wife, Laurie Anderson
SYDNEY (Associated Press) -- About 5,200 naked people have embraced each other on the steps of Sydney's iconic Opera House