He played the villain Ba'al in the long-running space exploration drama.
When we think of space travel, or the exploration of the cosmos in general, we are inundated with grandeur notions of enormous
LR: Maybe you'll be in the sequel to La la Land. Given the major change of genres for you, how did you prepare for The Expanse
Ever wonder what your cats do when you're not around? Sorry to disappoint you, but likely they climb up on the couch and
The announcement came via show lead Jason Hawes' Facebook page on Tuesday night. He went on to write, "We've been one of
From where I'm standing, Wynonna Earp is on its way to establishing its ground and becoming a classic. Showrunner Emily Andras, you have a quirky winner here and I can't wait to see where Wynonna takes us next.
Hale Appleman is a born and raised New Yorker who considers himself bi-coastal. New Yorkers - does that make sense to you
Linden went on to point out the importance of including sexual bullying in all school curriculum about bullying. Which brings
If Syfy's Magicians series goes the way of other television adaptations of complex novels, then it will dumbed-down to a battle with an external evil and a hackneyed warning against meddling with powers one does not understand.