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“Let’s do prank calls.” I was feeling rather bored at a seventh grade sleepover birthday party, and I realized I would have
One letter reportedly claims that her husband beat her just days before she suffered a miscarriage.
Neither the self nor all outside it is separate Solely to the unfathomable obscurity Of opacity at night. We makeshift lenses
Producer Curtis Fox explores the diverse world of contemporary American poetry with readings by poets, interviews with critics
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By Prageeta Sharma I'm drawn back to the past in this blog because I just came back from Massachusetts, where I was visiting
On those gray days when my despair is palpable it seems such a high price. But on my good days, oh, those glorious, delicious, good days, of which there are many, you will quite often catch me singing. Out loud.
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Tracing the poetics of a lyrical genius By Benjamin Voigt More than 50 years after her death, Sylvia Plath's poetry still
The daughter of Mary Wright Sewell, a successful children's writer, Anna Sewell was born in Great Yarmouth, England, in 1830
Growing up, you are blissful unaware of the difficulties of life. You believe that you will go to college, get a job in your chosen field, get married and live in a beautiful house with a white picket fence -- that whole "American Dream" bullshit.
Amy Newman's Howl embraces a poetic form that has been exclusive to male poets.Newman's transgressive Howl tresspasses a poetic form that has been exclusive property of Allen Ginsberg.
With Go Set A Watchman now selling by the million -- and dividing critics and readers alike, many of whom still question whether it should have been published at all -- who does Lee leave behind her on a list of literary one-hit-wonders?
Maybe it's time to accept that "basic" was not invented by white people at all.
The myth contends that because the artist is blessed with such extraordinary insight, he or she can see into deeper truths where there is only futility, darkness, disillusion and death. It is all part of the tortured artist stereotype. I'm not entirely sold.
Although I attended her funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, I never knew Clare Boothe Luce in life. Through Sylvia Jukes Morris' twin works, Rage For Fame and the most recent Price of Fame, I feel I have come to know Clare in all her complexity far more intimately.
Ted and Sylvia, who was now pregnant, left America in December 1959 on the Queen Elizabeth and arrived back in time to join
The accomplishment of the movie is less its athleticism than its inducement of empathy. The audience is more than rooting for the antihero. We take on the same desire to punish.