The cyber attack infected more than 300,000 computers worldwide.
"The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call," Microsoft's Brad Smith said.
Boards and their advisors must look ahead to the greatest challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century in building the best boards and focusing their agendas accordingly.
Every year at this time we anxiously await Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report, hoping that this would be the year that all cybercrooks would disappear. But, as usual, our hopes have been stomped upon by the facts.
As the General Manager (GM) of Symantec's Trust Services, Roxane Divol is responsible for the end-to-end optimization and growth of the Trust Services business. This business offers industry leading SSL certificates, code signing, and certificate management offerings.
The key to success is to forget the notion that diversity is a tactic, and instead recognize it as a company value - something that is embedded in the organization from the top down, through and through. It is how you engage with and view the world, how you do business and how you treat every employee, colleague, customer and stakeholder.
Last month, an unidentified hacker threatened to cripple the website of Meetup, a social networking site with 16 million
People from multinational corporations head off and volunteer for weeks or months in another country, leaving their work behind for others to do. Building a better world is good for business.
Some of the most notorious malware that's targeted U.S. consumers, banks and retailers over the past few years has originated from Russia or former Soviet states.
More attacks, more malicious websites and more vulnerability on the part of the average computer user.
Symantec believes the group is based in China, O'Murchu said, because much of the infrastructure used to run the attacks
In some ways, it's a marvel that even half of consumers bother to lock their phones. You would think the benefits would be obvious enough: by entering a few numbers, you can achieve a basic level of protection from prying eyes.
Some companies, like Bit9, offer what is called "white-listing," which only allows good files onto computer networks, instead
The bottom line is this: Stretching yourself too thin will not allow you to put your best foot forward and splitting your time between too many boards can prove to be very challenging (even for the most experienced board members).
The two security firms, which conducted their analyses separately, declined to comment on who was behind Flame. But current
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Symantec said it was only asking customers to temporarily stop using the product, until it releases an update to the software
Symantec said earlier this month that its own network had not been breached when the source code was taken. But Paden said