Butterflies always remind me of the beautiful nature in the world. In this post you can see three butterfly drawings with their mathematical descriptions.
I have created the following images by thousands of circular arcs which are defined with trigonometric functions. Such families of arcs are very useful to introduce beautiful shapes.
where X(k)=sin(10πk/16000)(cos(14πk/16000))2, Y(k)=cos(14πk/16000)(cos(10πk/16000))2, A(k)=(1/400)+(1/12)(cos(14πk/16000
We can create an unlimited number of beautiful images by drawing ellipses. The following images are some examples that I have created by some computer programs.
7,000 Circles (II) This image shows 7,000 circles. For each k=1,2,3,...,7000 the center of the k-th circle is: (S(20k/3000
The circle is the most important closed curve in the world. Also, it is the most symmetrical shape in the plane. In addition to these facts, it is interesting that we can create an unlimited number of beautiful images by drawing circles.
The goal is to create many beautiful symmetrical images by drawing line segments. It is amazing for me to see very beautiful geometric shapes that are defined by some simple mathematical formulas.
On the morning of May 30, 1832, a single shot fired in a duel fatally wounded one of the most brilliant, and certainly the most romantic mathematician. The following day, his last words to his weeping brother were: "Don't cry, I need all my courage to die at 20."
It's easy to see why he does this: symmetry is beautiful. So balanced it's somehow deeply satisfying to those of us who like things in perfect order.
Natural light is an important tool available to photographers, and fortunately it is free. With his photographs Choffray
"Organization Porn" is a thing now (seriously) and I totally get it. There's something deeply satisfying about symmetry.
The official description for "Symmetry," written and directed by Ruben van Leer and choreographed by Lukas Timulak, reads
"Okay, Mrs. McCarthy, tell me a little about yourself." "Well, I am a doctor's widow. My husband was a pediatrician in New
Adding an identical counterpart, in effect, equalizes an object on one side of a space with the other side. Whether the objects net out in color, size, shape or placement, they have the ability to visually evoke a sense of stability and familiarity.
They say beauty is all about symmetrical angles and lines and shit right? Well heres your your chance to see how you stack
When you think of celebrated auteur Wes Anderson, you likely think of an Instagram filtered palette, a set resembling a dollhouse
Challenge: Polishing a fused quartz sphere with standard methods creates "hills and valleys," destroying sphericity. Another
What people really want in relationships is dignity, not domination. While it's not hard to understand why people who have suffered oppression might fantasize taking a turn at domination, to actually do so is to over-reach.
On March 23, 1882, a girl named Emmy Noether was born in Erlangen, Bavaria. The daughter of a mathematician, she would turn out to be a mathematical genius and make one of the most important contributions to physics in the twentieth century.
Innovation website writes: Research has also shown that when it comes to human faces, symmetrical ones -- like that