symone sanders

When asked about Roe v. Wade potentially being struck down, the first lady encouraged people to vote in both federal and state elections.
"Ronna’s right, it’s time to vote President Biden out of office and elect Trump to fix the mess of the last four years," one critic cracked.
Anchor Dana Perino got more than she bargained for from Biden campaign adviser Symone Sanders.
His campaign insists they're fully competing for the state, but his comments at the presidential debate seemed to signal defeat.
Limited results show the former vice president -- once thought to be a clear front-runner -- in fourth place.
Symone Sanders said that the former vice president "won’t always be perfect, but I believe he will get it right.”
"The Democratic party is too male, it's too pale and too stale."
Sanders has shown since Netroots Nation that he understands that reality by addressing both areas where race and class intersect, as well as those where racial injustice inflicts harm irrespective of class.